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How To Get The Festive Wreath

The Festive Wreath is a holiday themed door decoration item in Animal Crossing: New Horizons during the Festive Season! Learn how to get one yourself in this guide.

How To Get Festive Wreath

Beginning on December 15th when the Festive Season begins in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you can get the exclusive Festive Wreath from villagers on your island.

Look out for one of your villagers to approach with a ‘ping’ calling out your name above their head as you pass by in front of them, and start running towards you giving you the Festive Wreath item!

Note that if a villager has any other important dialogue they’re waiting to share with you first, this usually overrides the ability to ‘ping’ you and will need to be cleared first. Make sure to try walking in front of all the villagers currently outdoors on your island to trigger the Festive Wreath ping.

We haven’t been able to confirm exact date that you can no longer get the Festive Wreath from villagers, but it’s probably around January 7th if we had to guess as that’s when Christmas Ornaments for Animal Crossing’s Festive Season disappear.

What To Do With Festive Wreath

The Festive Wreath is a door decoration item intended to be placed on your house’s door to celebrate the Christmas holiday season! Just walk up to your door and select the ‘Decorate Door’ option in your inventory.

You can also choose to simply hang it on the walls inside your home, but the ability to hang on your door is what makes this item unique as there aren’t many door decorations to choose from in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

More Festive Christmas Items

If you’re looking for even more Christmas themed items, be on the lookout for special Ornament crafting materials dropped from decorated pine trees after December 15th that can be crafted into a variety of holiday items. These items include the Illuminated Tree, Festive Tree, Holiday Candle, and more.

Check out the full set of Festive Christmas DIY Recipes & Items in our guide here.

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